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"After Nurturing our prospects ... I thought you would be interested in our preliminary findings: Out of the first 60 people called: 15 made immediate appointments, 5 asked to be deleted from our data base as they were committed elsewhere and 40 expressed, without hesitation, that they were delighted to hear from us, had saved our letters and enclosures and looked forward to receiving more until a printing need arose."
~Printing Company

" We are a high end janitorial service who continually fights a price war. As if that was not enough, we were experiencing the negative impact of cold calling. Nurture Services Inc. took our database of prospects and clients and began to write creative and interesting letters to our contacts. We have never had so many requests for proposals as we have through this creative letter campaign".
~Janitorial company

"In all instances your work has met or exceeded our expectations. I attribute your success at Aetna to the following: You understand from a business perspective the importance of customer communication and how to use it to strategic advantage. Most importantly you know how to do it right. Your writing style deals with touchy situations with clarity and sensitivity; it gets the job done." "Fran you have targeted a niche, you understand your customer needs, and you have ‘nailed it"
~Insurance Company

"After 3 years and no let-up on our frustration of feeling like we were throwing our money away in the mass media - you wrote your way into our lives. Your personal mailing campaign was what got me to call you so I figured there had to be something to it.....We have had very positive feedback from our clients and prospects, and know that for those that haven’t called us yet, we will be in their ‘top of mind awareness’ when the need arises. Your creativity and insight into the nurturing process will stay with us throughout our business life."
~Manufacturing Company

"Like many small business people, I was convinced that marketing was a luxury I couldn’t afford........I soon learned that this attitude is self-defeating. I realize now that a coherent, long-term marketing plan is vital in order to ensure a reliable flow of business.....Your approach is flexible, pragmatic and affordable, even for new business owners."
~Communications Co.

"I can highly recommend Frances Smith’s presentation on ‘How to nurture business relationships,’ Frances....delivers a very informative seminar, with in enthusiasm that matches her material. Anyone wanting to brush-up on their communication techniques with their key clients would benefit from participation in a ‘nurture’ workshop or a consultation."
~Technology Association

"Fran Scott is a gifted facilitator. She has a very creative mind and has a unique ability to encourage participation among attendees.
~Life Insurance Company

"I required a resource who understood the subtle elements of relationship enhancement - someone who went beyond what we experience in relationship development programs today. I found such a company in Nurture Services Inc. Frances Scott not only had the expertise, creativity and writing ability to refine our automated communication strategy, but she also understood what we were attempting to accomplish and offered valuable input into our program.
~US Insurance Company

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