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Full-Service Marketing
Our service bureau manages your relationships. If you find you haven't the time to write the communications that enhance relationships or build fences around your clients, then we will do that for you.

Create customized communication strategies::(the duration of your sales cycle)

  • We write your letters and E-mails
  • We manage your database
  • We do your mailing
  • We deal with returned mail
  • We send you your phone scripts
  • We update your database
  • We give you full reports of your database progress
We can do any or all of the above.

Nurture your mind, your team and your business by giving this chore to a company with extensive experience and industry savvy. When you do this, you can get on with doing what you do best and leave the nurturing to us. You will rave about this being the best marketing investment you ever made. Is it time you gave yourself a break and your company a boost?

We help you:
  • Build relationships customized to your unique business requirements
  • To develop marketing letters and strategies specific to your target
  • Through an extensive marketing questionnaire to determine needs and targets and provide a written synopsis.
  • Determine the appropriate use of deposit oriented enclosures for communications to clients and prospects
  • Review your present marketing materials for their Nurturing content.
  • Write letters, letters and more letters.

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