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Over the past few years, Nurture Services developed a unique Alliance Program. The program is designed for:

    I   Companies with a large sales force
With our campaign letters, strategies and software application, we are able to provide a full service that includes acting as your database manager and mail house.
    II   Franchisors
We write customized communication campaigns for your franchisees to assist in the marketing process and eliminate the practice of cold calling. We help your franchisees to keep their customers coming back and taking care of slow adopters.
    III   Associations with a large membership
Nurture will create a unique marketing plan to meet the communication needs of your membership. Competitive associations may not be offering this kind of marketing to their members and it could very well set you apart and cause you to be the premier association in your industry. We will make the whole Nurture campaign available from your website.
    IV   Companies that have a large database of clients who would benefit from        having a uniquely designed nurture program to build their businesses.

In all instances, we provide letters, action plans and software in an easy to use Nurture Kit. It also comes with audio tutorial and detailed instructions for the neophyte on how to start nurturing.

We offer generic or customized Nurture programs for your organization which you can then resell to your constituents. It is a great opportunity for your company to offer a dynamic new marketing campaign and at the same time, generate another revenue stream from the sales of the Nurture Kits.

We invite you to call for a conversation on how we assist organizations like yours.
Ask for our information package.

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